Nitrox EANx Diver

Nitrox EANx Diver training.

For certified divers this course teaches how to use air with higher oxygen percentage.

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Nitrox Adv. EANx Diver

Nitrox Advanced EANx Diver training.

The program is designed to broaden the knowledge of divers in the use of EANx mixtures.

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Escort, guide to divers Divemaster.

Divemaster is the leader of a group with certified divers and the person who will help an instructor during a course.

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EANx Gas Blender

EANx Gas Blender training. 

The program provides training in the safe handling of oxygen based systems and the preparation of respirable EANx and Trimix mixtures.

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Open Water Instructor

Open Water Instructor fo divers. 

The course gives the opportunity to Divemasters to become an IANTD instructor.

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Open Water Instructor Crossover

Diving Instructor 1st level, transfer from another organization.

This program is designed to transfer certified trainers from another organization to the IANTD organization.

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The courses are divided into 3 parts.

First we have the theory. In our classrooms you have the opportunity to watch the teaching material of each course through slideshow in Powerpoint. The material is specific to each course and is defined by the organization. Everything can be discussed and all questions are answered. At the end of the theory there are tests which aim to check through if there any gaps and where so they can be filled in.

The practical part starts in confined water. Such as a pool or enclosed bay of the sea with shallow and calm water. It concerns the learning processes of diving, familiarization with new equipment and of course the behavior and welfare in the new environment that we learn to enter.

Then we continue to the sea where we apply what we learned in the pool as a whole, consolidated in order to get the desired outcome. A calm, comfortable and safe dive always under the rules of our training system.

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