Our diving school teaches IANTD and SSI.

IANTD is the first organization to introduce Nitrox mixes in recreational diving. Our aim as a dive center is to provide quality diving education so that our customers will feel confortable at any diving experience. It is recognized by the ministry and worldwide.

Achieve certificates recognized by the Greek state and internationally. The educational programs of the organization ranging from amateur diving to mixed gases, cave diving, closed circuits, technical diving, wreck diving and of course programs aimed to deal professionally with scuba diving either as employees in a dive center or by opening your own if you wish to.

Open Water Diver

1st level Open Water Diver.

This is the first level of scuba diving training.

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Adv. Open Water Diver

Advanced open water diver. 

The second level of training is designed to contribute to the development of the skills and abilities of the first-level divers.

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Diver First Aid

First Aid provider. 

This course trains people to react in emergency conditions and to help a patient by cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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Oxygen Administrator

Oxygen Administrator provider. 

Training in how to use O2 support equipment and how to support it to a patient.

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Rescue Diver

Rescue another diver.

The complete process of how to search and rescue another diver from the bottom of the sea.

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Specialty Diver

Specialty Diver training. 

Training in specific underwater activities, the use of specific equipment.

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